Sunday, October 31, 2010

The first exhibition affair

On 30th October, EDEDAA did an art exhibition in Jayabhery silicon towers. I was expecting it to be a small affair, with approx 20 children paintings and limited professional photographs. But seems like, Mr.Manmohan got his friends Pooja from Tessori store to help out and this is what happened :-
  1. We had photographs exhibited by Lakshmi (Prabhala) and we conducted some questionnaire based experiments with them.
  2. We also had a lot of exhibits from Tessori (ofcourse) which made our exhibition really colourful
  3. We about 20 children paintings - which were really commendable
We had so many paintings that initially it was almost difficult to fit all of them in there. But then when we got the show going, everybody was having a good time...

We conducted a questionnaire based (qualitative) experiment with Lakshmi's photographs. We wanted people gather data on, (1) How involved are people in arts (2) Does knowing the artists perspective increase the arts pleasure for people and (3) How arts affects people. At the same time, we also wanted people to experience art (in a relatively short duration) and consider the benefits of our products. We were able to achieve our goals to some extent.

Eight (8) people took part in the questionnaire. Not everyone completed all the sections. We got quite interesting results (ie. useful ones).
  1. All of our subjects considered themselves naive to art world
  2. 6/8 were interested in arts
  3. 6/8 people see possibility to learn from art world
  4. 7/8 people said that the art-piece they appreciate had an emotional element to it
  5. 6/7 people said that they liked the artwork better after reading a description from the artist
  6. 5/5 people said that they relate better with arts when in negative emotions

The children section was a lot of fun too. We had put scrap books in front of each paintings, so that people could provide their feedback. While grown-ups did a fair bit of scrapping, the youngsters were lot more enthusiastic to rate their peers.

Overall, I am very happy with the way the first event for EDEDAA got conducted. It literally could not have been done without, Mr. Manmohan, Pooja, ILP Volunteers and Lakshmi.