Saturday, March 5, 2011

Photography for AMOH orphanage - an ongoing blog

We are glad to bring you this break from everyday news, spam SMSs, and all that everyday life should not be about. Heres me taking a break, and sitting down on the floor, as a few coins trickle out making a slight clattring around me. Now I will check the pictures that children in Amoh orphanage (in Ramakrishnapuram, call Ester 9000844721 to get there) selected to be put up at their home.

In the first visit, we asked children on what kind of pictures do they want. There we requests like flowers, skies, mountains, monuments, night sky, animals, etc. Based on that I had posted a 'CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS' in flickr photography clubs (of Hyderabad). And we got about 50 submissions. A girl Eleanor Bennett from UK, aged 14, also sent about 10-15 photographs. So this is one thing, people can share over boundaries and languages - pictures. (...appreciate your effort girl Eleanor :-) keep it up).

In second visit, the children were asked to choose the ones they liked most. The selection process was a lot of fun. We switched off all the lights (it was about 7.30 pm) and displayed the pictures to children. It was very touching to see the twinkle in there eyes of laptop reflection and the reactions pictures brought out from them. They seemed very inspired. So, we used the tournament method to find the winners (that is rejecting pic in favor of more liked ones). We got down to about 20 of them, when kids could vote individually and choose their likings.

The last visit was in a hurry and I didn't take any volunteers along. Next step is to go and frame them with children.


We need volunteers and people who can teach children framing (they are good at such things already). We also need people who can come with laptops and teach children to use email (this is a special request from Ahmed, who volunteers there). Lets create such news everyday, which for a change makes people feel positive about things.