Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art exhibitions in office staircases

EDEDAA is trying to reach out to large corporates in Hyderabad. We have uploaded a presentation about the impact of our work, on slide share (staircase art exhibitions). Its an easy sail through presentation and we try to convey most through the pictures - so just relax, sit-back on you chair and click on the image below. It should take about two minutes, given you like the pictures and spend some time enjoying them. Warning: you want to see it again.

Please share with relevant people in your organization - such as the CSR wing, HRs and senior management (president/vice-presidents/etc). Also let us know if there is any feedback for us.

We are also reaching out to artists, academicians and future partner organizations. Again do share your feedback or contacts in all these respects.

EMail: feedback at ededaa dot com

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