Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The weavers of Andra Pradesh

We invite you to the exhibition "Weavers of Andra Pradesh", on 12th February, 2011 at Inorbit mall. We exhibit photographs and the actual products.

Date: 12th - 13th Feb, 2011
Venue: Inorbit mall, P1 lobby
Timings: 11am - 9pm, all day

Event Brief:-

We are proposing an awareness event at Inorbit mall to promote hand-loom products. This is a very unique event, as we are doing an exhibition of photographs along the staircases - where people can walk up and see some interesting photographs of weavers.


EDEDAA is organizing a two-day event to promote hand-loom products, produced by Chenetha Color Weaves, in the premises of Inorbit mall. Chenetha Color Weaves was started with a mission to become a weavers owned company and has weavers on its executive board. All proceeds of all sales would go towards the cause.

We plan to promote handlooms in a very unique fashion - using photographs of people engaged in the weaving process displayed along the staircases. All the way along staircases from P2 (parking 2) to P1-lobby, we are putting up photographs on process of weaving and lighting them up with LEDs.

We believe that driving awareness about various aspects of hand-loom creation – such as the tedious production process, the lifestyle and economics of the industry, etc – would lead to better appreciation of the products.

People :-
  • Interior consultancy by Pankaj Acharya (
  • Executed by Naval Saini ( and Anusha & Vijay (architecture students)
  • Handloom stall by Chenetha Color Weaves (
  • Curated by Lakshmi Prabhala
  • Photographs by V.Murali, Asra Shaheen, Sarath Chandra, Khadar Mohiddin, Ashwini Vaidya and Adarsh Padegal
  • Graphics by Ruchi Agarwal
  • Special thanks to Nirmala Tammineni (Livelihoods Worker), Mayur Gada (Animator & Entrepreneur)

About EDEDAA:-

EDEDAA does art and photography exhibitions along staircase walls. We encourage people to take stairs and take interest in green & healthy ways of living. We are very actively involved in CSR also. More information at .

For more information - drop a mail to info at ededaa dot com / navalnovel at gmail dot com ...

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